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NAC RetireChoice


Introducing the NAC RetireChoice Fixed Indexed Annuity!  Available June 15, 2012.

-2 Surrender Charge Periods: 10- and 14-Year

-Premium Bonus: 2.50% (10-Year) and 5.00% (14-Year)

-$20,000 Minimum Premium (Qualified and Non-Qualified)

-Commissions as high as 7.50%

Features include:

-NEW  Five Index Account Options with Capped AND Uncapped Crediting Methods

-NEW Partial Interest Credits at Death

-NEW  Multiple Indices Including Gold Price

-NEW  Optional Additional Benefit Rider


Retire Choice 10 Highlight Sheet

RetireChoice 14 Highlight Sheet



NAC Performance Choice


The NAC Performance Choice Fixed Index Annuity is available in a 8-year and 12-year product, with or without bonus:

Performance Choice 8-8 Plus Highlight Sheet

Performance Choice 8 Brochure

Performance Choice 8 Plus Brochure


Performance Choice 12-12 Plus Highlight Sheet

Performance Choice 12 Brochure

Performance Choice 12 Plus Brochure



NAC Guarantee Choice


Another great option for your client’s needs might be North American’s MYGA contract, called Guarantee Choice. Check it out here:

NA Guarantee Choice Highlight Sheet

Guarantee Choice Brochure





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